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At HWS Center, we believe in comprehensive well-coordinated care that treats the person and not just the disorder. We work as a team providing cutting edge technology in combination with good old psychotherapy and personalized psychiatric care. Local to Fort Lee New Jersey? We can help.


A person’s well-being begins primarily with his physical and mental health which depend on lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, and physical activity. Today’s fast pace of life encourages people to treat the symptoms of their health issues rather than looking for and eliminating the root of the disease. We are focused on finding the causes of the problem to prevent the consequences and treating a person, not the symptoms. That is why we have created a unique general health center that uses innovative and technologically advanced methods of identifying and treating various diseases.

Our highly qualified specialists in health matters – nutritionists, physiotherapists, sociologists, sexologists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists – will help to prevent or solve a number of emerging health issues and problems using both classical and innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment. For example, advanced computerized technology allows us to examine your sleep and recovery from stress in detail and offer personalized recommendations. Thanks to corrective therapies such as TMS, etc. , we activate poorly functioning neural connections in the brain, increasing their activity. Experienced specialists will assess your dietary habits and physical activity and come up with recommended adjustments. And much more. Even though our services are provided by a variety of specialists, each patient is assigned a practitioner who would coordinate their efforts and make sure that no stones are unturned.

The HWS offers highly effective and scientifically proven techniques that, not necessarily relying on the use of medications, are not beneficial to pharmaceutical companies and therefore are not widely rushed to the masses. We offer you many options for solving various mental and physical health problems, even in the most serious and seemingly hopeless cases. We work to make your life and the life of your loved ones comfortable and healthy.

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I started my career as a psychiatrist 25 years ago. Upon immigration to the US, I studied among influential psychiatrists and therapists in New York and Boston. I worked in inpatient and outpatient settings, supervised medical students, and conducted psychiatric research. There are thousands of things that can go wrong with a parent and their child. Modern neuroscience is in the process of identifying and resolving these issues. I feel privileged to be in the center of that movement and share my knowledge with my colleagues and patients.

I am passionate about helping people that need it the most. I have been a doctor in the medical field for over 25 years and have worked at institutions such as Beth Israel hospital New York, Tufts Medical Center Boston, and Yale Medical school Connecticut. I am also currently an assistant professor at Rutgers and Yale medical schools. These experiences enhance my ability to provide top quality care for my patients as I am up to date in many cutting edge areas of research. I look forward to helping you or your loved ones.

Work Experience Includes:

Beth Israel Hospital New York, Tufts Medical Center Boston, and Yale Medical School


Our mental health clinic cares about our community and we care about you. If you reside near Fort Lee, Englewood, Palisades Park, North Bergen, Bronx New York, or the surrounding area, we will help you get back to the life you love. Our mental health services, including TMS therapy, are covered by most insurance plans.
Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, and physiotherapists will provide you comprehensive care.


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