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At HWS Center, we are committed to helping you achieve mental wellness that will last you a lifetime. Our comprehensive approach includes medication management, psychotherapy (in-person or telehealth), TMS, and more. 

We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded team of mental health practitioners. We’re confident that we can craft a treatment plan for your specific needs and get you back to feeling like your very best self.



We work with our patients to create treatment plans that are specific to their symptoms and needs. Our team of physicians, psychiatrists and certified mental health professionals have helped thousands of people in the New York City metro area to address their symptoms and live happier lives.


We offer a wide range of mental health services to ensure holistic, comprehensive care that helps you live the life you love. Our care team are experts in bio and neurofeedback, ketamine, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, psychotherapy, neuropsychological testing, interpersonal and family counseling, lifestyle changes, and more. 












Seek support you deserve. Live the life you love.

At HWS Center, we recognize that your mental health is directly connected to your overall health, and this means that we go above and beyond when it comes to providing personalized care. We are committed to helping clients achieve total health and wellness through state-of-the-art mental health treatment and services. 


We provide clients with the highest quality of personalized care with attention to the psychological, physiological and behavioral aspects of overall wellbeing. Our mental health services are provided by highly trained professionals who are dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in each facet of their work.


Get help with depression today! It’s important to know that you are not alone.




Relief from depression is possible.

Those struggling with severe depression may find a rapid change in mood after seeking treatment with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy. Those suffering from bipolar disorder, post-partum depression, and acute anxiety may also benefit. Some of these benefits include:


The only legal psychedelic medicine available to mental health providers for treating emotional suffering is Ketamine. Ketamine acts as a dissociative anesthetic and helps relieve pain, putting people in a somewhat altered emotional state. 

Experience lasting relief.

After its initial use during the Vietnam War, people started using Ketamine illegally, as a party drug, leading to its classification as a controlled substance. Modern research, however, has proven that it may have incredible healing effects. Ketamine, when used under proper medical supervision, can help stimulate the production of Glutamate, a natural brain chemical that is often out of balance in people with depression.

For individuals who have not found lasting relief with other medications or for those whose current medications no longer work, Ketamine Assisted Therapy often provides breakthrough results. 


Ketamine Assisted Therapy treatment sessions are painless and don’t produce adverse side effects in most patients.


Find out more about ketamine therapy by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


Neurofeedback can help treat many different conditions, including insomnia and other sleep problems, ADHD, seizure conditions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, behavior disorders, developmental delays, age-related cognitive loss, and more.

Neurofeedback holds the potential to transform our way of approaching mental health treatment for people who have not been able to find relief in medication and therapy before. It trains different areas of the brain to communicate, aiming to stop symptoms without severe side effects.



Let us help you gain control over your life.

Biofeedback is a technique that allows you to become aware of how your body reacts to different stimuli, so that you can take control of physiological responses like muscle tension, heart rate, and blood pressure. HWS team of biofeedback can help specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to measure these reactions and provide feedback in real time. Some benefits include: 

Neurofeedback provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program. To help patients recognize and modify their thought patterns, the program uses auditory or visual signals. Therefore, clients can learn to regulate their own brain function and hopefully decrease the symptoms of a mental health condition.


Experience non-invasive, tech-based wellness.

Those who want to feel more like “themselves” again can benefit from neurofeedback.


Find out more about bio and neurofeedback by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


The first step toward healing.

Psychiatric evaluations can help designed to assess the patient’s current mental health condition and determine appropriate treatment options. The results of an evaluation can help us determine if a patient is suffering from a mental health condition. Benefits of psychiatric evaluations include: 

Once we have identified what type of psychiatric illness or mental health condition the patient has, we will work with them to develop a treatment plan that best addresses their needs and provides relief from their symptoms.


Get clear answers you deserve.

When a psychiatric evaluation is conducted at HWS, we will start with a formal interview of all current symptoms. During that interview, we will ask specific questions to ensure we are assessing accurately, which can improve overall treatment. Our evaluations go into great detail about family history and genetics so that any biological components of mental illness can be addressed and managed. 

HWS understands how challenging it may be to discuss certain topics during an evaluation process and we work hard to minimize stigma and reduce feelings of embarrassment in our patients as they discuss their issues with us.


Gain answers from our empathetic, patient-centered, transparent, and professional team of psychiatric experts and take a step toward feeling like your best self.


Find out more about psychiatric evaluations by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


Medications benefit many people struggling with symptoms of a mental health condition. These medications may be for short-term or long-term use, depending on symptoms and diagnosis. At HWS, our board-certified psychiatric-mental health practitioners provide medication management to help you find the psychiatric medication that works best for you. 

Whether someone neglects to take their medications properly because they forget or think they don’t need it, the fact is that failing to do so can lead to serious consequences.


Collaborative care and improved outcomes.

Medications have been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for many psychiatric illnesses including depression and anxiety disorders. The goal of medication management is to find a balance that works for both your mental and physical health. Benefits of medication management include: 

Our staff will work closely with you to find the best possible combination of medications that reduce your symptoms, minimize side effects, and maximize adherence.


Reduce symptoms. Minimize side effects. Maximize Wellness.

Through medication management, quality of life can improve immensely. Rest easy knowing your health is managed properly and with care. 


Find out more about medication management by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


You don't have to struggle alone.

At HWS, oour psychotherapy services are led by clinicians who are trained to help people with a variety of mental and emotional challenges. Psychotherapy has a myriad of benefits, some of which can help you:

Our therapists come from diverse backgrounds and have different specializations and experience levels, but all have one goal in mind: to help you find relief from your mental health struggles. 

Experience relief and live the life you love.

We provide counseling for depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief, loss, bereavement, and more. We also offer treatment for trauma-related conditions such as PTSD.

To help get the most out of psychotherapy, approach the therapy as a collaborative effort, be open and honest, and follow your agreed upon plan for treatment. You deserve better than struggling on your own. The professionals at HWS are ready to help make that happen.


At HWS Center, our team develops your unique treatment plan, often starting with psychotherapy with additional services added in to help you achieve your wellness goals. 


Find out more about psychotherapy by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


Neuropsychological assessments can be used to diagnose mental health conditions and other concerns that might be impacting schoolwork, work performance, mood regulation and socialization. Identifying these conditions early on through neuropsychological assessment often leads to better outcomes because they’re easier to treat when they’re caught at an earlier stage. 

When undergoing a neuropsychological assessment, the mental functions tested typically include general intellect, reading comprehension, language usage, concentration, processing speed, memory, reasoning, executive function, visuospatial skills, motor speed, dexterity, mood, and personality.



Assessing your unique brain function.

The brain is an incredible organ. It carries our thoughts, memories, and emotions. And it’s what makes us human. There are many different aspects of a person’s well-being that can be measured by neuropsychological assessment tests and the benefits of neuropsychological testing are many. They may include:

At HWS Center, we offer a variety of neurological assessment tests to help identify possible causes of mental health concerns and how they may be affecting your life in both subtle and obvious ways. 

Reduce symptoms. Minimize side effects. Maximize Wellness.

A neuropsychological assessment can help with diagnosis, determine cognitive strengths and weaknesses, establish a baseline before medical treatments, help plan treatments, and more. 


Find out more about neuropsychological testing by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


Foster healthy, loving relationships.

Family therapy aims to address the underlying reasons behind familial challenges through a psychological, behavioral, and emotional lens.

Benefits of therapy vary depending on the family, but they can include:


Family therapy is a process of fostering and preserving healthy, productive, and satisfying familial relationships.

Find solutions to help relationships thrive.

Most methods of family therapy derive from family systems theory. According to this theory, families are understood to operate in ways analogous to any complex system, not just individual components. 

Family systems theory says that any change in one family member will make a difference for other members as well. Our therapists will work with the whole family, not just the one struggling, to foster healthy relationships and adjust certain problematic behaviours.

Family therapy

Family counseling can help unite your family and improve interpersonal relationships. 


Find out more about family counseling by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.


Our professional resources include a licensed nutritionist, sex therapists, biofeedback specialist, behavioral conditioning coach, certified life style modification coach, and executive functioning coaches. After our medical providers complete the initial assessment, the rest of the team combines their effort and expertise to help our patients achieve their goals. 


Assessing your unique brain function.

As a reflection of our approach to mental health in general, we treat a person as a whole and not as a compilation of parts. We see a human being and not a symptom because only this approach will ensure lasting positive changes. We collaborate as a multi-disciplinary team of providers in order to be able to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing treatment plan in order to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks as it frequently happens when doctors do not communicate with each other. We work on a patient as a team and this team includes, first and foremost, the patient as an equal and valuable voice.

We address daily functioning including nutrition, healthy sleep regulation, sexual health and well-being, and mood stabilization using natural resources such as mindfulness and physical exercise. We also address social functioning through social skills therapy, speech and language therapy for adults and children, and person-centered planning that enhances people’s efficacy and life satisfaction. In addition, we have executive skills coaches who work on improving organizational and planning skills, increasing initiative, and teaching goal-oriented behaviors.

Focus On Daily Functioning


Our mental health clinic cares about our community and we care about you. If you reside near Fort Lee, Englewood, Palisades Park, North Bergen, Bronx New York, or the surrounding area, we will help you get back to the life you love. Our mental health services, including TMS therapy, are covered by most insurance plans.
Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, and physiotherapists will provide you comprehensive care.


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