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Diagnostics and prevention.

We can help you find the right highly qualified health professional with an approach targeting your specific needs.
Our clinical psychologists and psychotherapists work with: adults, children and adolescents in the format of individual, couple and family, and group psychological consultations. We work in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Hebrew.

Our sleep specialists use modern wearable computer technology to identify and analyze problems with your sleep and improve your sleep patterns. Book a meeting now…

Often, the way to your health is through your stomach! Work with our highly qualified nutritionists who will guide you through personalized diets and nutrition programs to formulate the one that will be effective for goals such as achieving a healthy weight, learning how to eat a balanced diet, and general recovery of the body and mind. There also were intensive new studies about a strong connection between gut health and mental health and using our specialized diet will allow you to reach a robust emotional balance, among other benefits.

Our expert sexologist knows all about intimate relations and will help make your intimate life fuller and brighter. This specialist also conducts sexual education for adults and teenagers. Book a meeting now…

We will develop a comprehensive integrated program for assessing your general health, with a focus on your unique individual need, limitations, and requests.

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