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Our children’s services are provided by the following specialists:

  1. Psychologists and psychotherapists to work with children of different ages
  2. Family psychologists provide a comprehensive analysis of family dynamics and suggest ways to correct children’s behaviour
  3. Child neuropsychologists determine how a child’s brain works and how his mental processes (perception, attention, memory, thinking, speech, motor skills) are organized, and which adjustments are recommended
  4. Speech therapists help with speech development and related issues
  5. Infant development and wellness specialists
  6. School readiness specialists provide comprehensive assessment
  7. Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD evaluation and treatment specialists
  8. Neuromodulation for different psychiatric disorders ( TMS, tPBM, Neurofeedback) professionals



The child psychiatrists at the Center also provide evaluation and help with the following issues:

  • behavioral disorders such as ADHD
  • anxiety and depressive disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • bipolar disorder
  • sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep paralysis, etc.)
  • enuresis
  • neurotic reactions
  • learning disabilities
  • stress disorders and consequences of severe psychological trauma.
  • parenting issues
  • suicidal ideation and self-mutilation (cutting, etc)
  • speech disorders
  • developmental delays
  • eating disorders
  • tics
  • fears/phobias

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